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Tailor-Made Premium Adventures

                                “ Welcome … is said in the Arabic Language as …. “Ahlan Wa Sahlan ” 
Jordan via Petra Travel & Tours aspiration is derived from our traveler's experience and LOVE to travel. The high expectation of their journey is our main concern. So, we have a clear vision of mission, and clear goals emanate from our clients need and their Love to Travel.
Wondering, what makes Jordan via Petra Travel & Tours different? Let us explain how our success is more than just talk.
Devoted our EXPERT ADVICE and PERSONALIZED SERVICE to TAILOR-MADE PREMIUM HOLIDAYS to give travelers the BEST of a valuable itinerary in Jordan most attraction places and the surrounding countries (Egypt and the Holy Land- Jerusalem -) to expose the hidden beauty of our area.
We are :

- Efficient in our operational process

- Insights into the unknown
- Extremely responsive
- Relationship building and trust building

By emphasizing our client’s needs, read between the lines, satisfaction, tourism commitments and customer care... YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS.
Why visiting Jordan? Because Jordan has lots inside ... ... ... I read a short description about Jordan in World Travel Guide which says:
“Jordan isn’t all culture and history – and it certainly isn’t all dry deserts. Take the place by the scruff of the neck and shake it: you might be surprised what drops out.”
Jordan via Petra Travel & Tours / Wadi Rum Village.

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